Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let's talk about (the) sex baby!

I have officially made it 4 months and halfway to my goal due date (Oct. 12). My ultrasounds this month brought some pretty amazing news... First of all the babies are all measuring perfectly and all have great heart rates. They were all extremely active during the ultrasounds moving around, hitting and kicking each other. I feel so lucky to get to see them every two weeks!

My constantly expanding belly at 18 weeks is measuring about 6 weeks ahead of schedule which is normal. I'm feeling pretty good but having some back and rib pain. I have started going to the chiropractor and getting massages so hopefully that will help. My sinuses were pretty clogged the past couple weeks but now it is just my left ear that is clogged. I get to hear my own heartbeat in my ear which is pretty annoying. So far I haven't had too much trouble sleeping but I do wake up with a sore back and pee about once or twice a night. My energy level fluctuates throughout the day but I still have yet to get that energy rush I've heard so much about in the second trimester. I'm usually on the couch with ice packs a couple times a day. I have started to feel movement inside and outside, which is making it feel a little more real!

The most exciting "Let's talk about (the) SEXES baby"...

We are having identical BOYS!!! 

This news is completely amazing, the odds are something crazy like 1 in 500 million for spontaneous identical triplets. Our new mantra is "Just remember God only gives people what they can handle, and apparently God thinks you are a badass."

One last tidbit of info and a few images from my 20 week appt. All the babies are doing great, fluid and heart rates are good! My belly is now measuring 8 weeks ahead of schedule and feels like it's bigger everyday. The boys movements are becoming more evident so I find myself rubbing my belly all day! Tom is enjoying feeling them more... oh and my parents were here and got to feel the babies move. My parents also got to attend the ultrasound and see the boys moving.

Baby A

Baby B was making it a little difficult to get a good picture so here is the best we got, his legs showing off his goods!

Baby C

We were also able to make some progress in the nursery this weekend with my parents help! Will post pics soon :-)


  1. Just LOVING this blog and watching you grow!!! 💙💙💙

  2. So awesome, and glad to see all 5 of you are doing so well!

  3. Looking beautiful and strong mama! We can't wait to meet those handsome boys! Xoxo