Monday, June 22, 2015

May Travel & Babymoon

12 Weeks
May was a crazy month!! In addition to Tom and I both turning a year older, we started the month off with a wonderful wedding outside of Philly for the beautiful Michael Lynn and her now husband AJ. We were able to see and catch up with a lot of my previous co-workers from Ironman which was fantastic!

Everyone has asked me how I've been feeling and so far I really have no complaints! My energy has been pretty low and I have headaches that come and go. My body and back have been a little sore since I am constantly growing. Other than that, all is well and I'm enjoying my growing belly, so far...

Continuing with the jam packed month, we headed up to Jersey to be a part of nephew Rooney's Christening. Tom was honored to be chosen as Rooney's Godfather and it was wonderful having the ceremony at the Hewitt family church.  The reception was amazing for not only Rooney's celebration, but also for our chance to share our amazing news with extended family and friends.

Typically, in singleton pregnancies, most women have blood testing done to show if there are any genetic disorders. In a multiples scenario, blood testing is not an option because they cannot ensure that they get all the babies blood. As a result, we had a Nuchal Test which measures the fluid in the back of each babies neck and uses that information to determine certain disorders. All our babies were extensively measured and all looked great! Yay!!

But... the big news is that there is a high probability that our little bundles are IDENTICAL! We find out the sexes for sure at our 18-week anatomy scan but as of now the guess is boys!!!

13 Weeks

We got to spend a wonderful weekend with our friends Jen & Jerome, relaxing, kayaking and hanging out by the pool for Memorial Weekend in Roanoke, Virginia.

Still feeling good!!

14 Weeks

Babymoon!!! Our last big trip was spent in Houston, Texas with Sean & Lex. Once again we relaxed, hung out at the pool, went to the beach, and to our first Houston Astros game. Oh and we ate some amazing food while we were in Texas as well, including the supposed origins of the fajita!

Heard all heartbeats and babies were strong and doing well!

15 Weeks

Our travel is done, now time to nest and get the house ready for babies! First order of business was ordering a new couch with pull out bed because our living room is becoming our guest room. Unfortunately, our couch will not be here until the middle of September :-( we will impatiently await it's arrival!!

Next up is the 4 month mark, post to come shortly!! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Let the Shopping Begin

We have been in overdrive planning and figuring out organization for our small row home. The plan for our home was to live here for about 5 years and have one, maybe 2 kids. After that we planned to keep it as a rental property and move into a larger home. So... for now we are getting creative with our space, which we have no doubt it will all work out! 

The first baby item we purchased is from a triplet family near DC. The stroller or "limo", as we refer to it, is actually are no long in production. The company has since discontinued the only stroller for triplets that holds baby carriers! Since finding out we were having triplets I have found that there are a lot more triplet families out there than I thought there would be. So I'm not sure why there aren't more products out there that cater to triplets and higher order multiples. A lot of sites that claim to cater to twins or multiples actually only really cater to twins. Oh well... we will figure it out courtesy of the triplet moms out there who have blogged about their experiences and made it work. I also have a friend who had triplets about 18 months ago who has been a wealth of knowledge and I'm so thankful to have her to call on!!!

Here is the limo we purchased...

Now I just have research and to figure out what other items we need to get us started for when the babies arrive. It is incredibly overwhelming but I have gotten a ton of great "must need" lists from singleton and multiple mommies.

xo K

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hewitt Scores a Hat Trick

Hat Trick (n): A term used to describe one person scoring three goals in one game.  

We had to take an appointment with the head of the department and planned to start seeing my regular doctor after this. Our ultrasound was immediately after my appointment. The tech doing the ultrasound was very quiet and I knew the image didn't look like I expected it to. After a little more silence Tom joked and asked if there were more than one baby in there.  The tech replied, "Yes..."  Then Tom asked if there were more than two babies in there.  The tech laughed and said, "Actually there are three." Stunned, excited and petrified are the best emotions I can use to explain how we felt. We were both kind of dazed after the appointment and were planning how we were going to tell our family. Of course, we had to Facetime with everyone so we could see there reaction. Everyone went through the same process... Your messing with us... Wait your serious... OMG that is so exciting... OMG you are going to need a ton of help!! Here is the first ultrasound from April 16th (8 weeks)...

And my second ultrasound from April 28th (10 weeks). Baby C was off to the side so they had to take two images to get them all...

We look forward to sharing our journey with our family and friends!! I will leave you with my pre-belly and 12 week pic, ultrasound and announcement pic.

Time to start buying just about three of EVERYTHING!