Thursday, August 13, 2015

In The 20's

How far along?  21-24 weeks

Total weight gain?  40 lbs

Wedding rings on or off?  Mostly off but when I can wear them they only fit on my pinky.

Stretch marks?  none

Movement?  Yes, and quite frequently. I have one baby all up in my right rib that kicks and moves like crazy. Also, there are small movements all over inside and out. It's pretty AMAZING!

Maternity clothes?  I got some hand me downs and have purchased some maternity/roomy clothes. Unfortunately, I've grown out of a lot of them. I am almost solely in maxi dresses with lots of stretch. Also, with the help of my scissors I have made a couple pairs of shorts I purchased fit. Basically my wardrobe is pretty limited but light and airy as my belly is super sensitive to fabrics.

Sleep?  I am able to get through most of the night with only a couple potty/stretching wake ups. It's pretty hard to get completely comfortable. I either sleep sitting at an incline or if I'm lucky for a short time on my side. When I sleep sitting up I end up scooting down in my sleep and wake up with mid back pain from baby pressure. Sleeping on my side is very hard because my knees hurt and my belly feels like its being pulled... even with my pregnancy pillow. The most important thing is that I am still getting sleep so I can't complain.

Best moment this week?  The best moments every week are the time I spend in the pool and at the chiropractor. But, the big news in the past few weeks is that my parents house went under contract and they are uprooting their entire life to move to Maryland!! Tom and I could not be more thankful to be able to have them here to help us with the babies!

Symptoms?  I have congested sinuses, stretching in my belly and swelling in my feet and ankles.

Food cravings?  Food aversions? I haven't really had much to speak of during the whole pregnancy.

Gender?  Identical Boys

Labor signs?  None

Happy or moody?  Happy and my laid back self :-)

Belly button in or out?  Officially out starting about 20 weeks.

What I miss?  I miss sushi, Italian subs, summer beers, bikram yoga, being able to move with ease, taking J for walks and cleaning (no I'm not going crazy, I just wish I could get it done).

What I'm looking forward to?  Meeting our boys!!!

Here are a couple good shots the tech got during our ultrasound. See the resemblance? We are going to have 3 little mini Toms running around!!

Baby update... The last couple ultrasounds went well! The fluid levels are good, heart rates have been 138-142 and measurements are all on track. Our next appointment is Monday (8/17) so I will have a full update after that!



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  1. I am really enjoying all the updates. My prayers are with all of you. I am so glad your parents house is under contract. What a wonderful time!
    Smiles, alice