Tuesday, September 15, 2015

...Puck Drops In The 3rd Period...

We hit quite a few milestones these past few weeks!

First, on August 31st, we hit 28 weeks and I officially entered my 3rd trimester! The doctor and ultrasound tech said each triplet is looking good! My neck, back, and well everything, is so sore! I'm spending most of my time on the couch with my feet up to try to alleviate some pain and swelling.

I have stopped working my full-time job, so I'm relaxing and taking some time to rest and relax before the boys arrival. I have a couple real estate transactions that I am finishing up and will then be officially done with work for a while.

At our last doctor's appointment just as we were asking him about when we contemplate scheduling the Cesarean, he said that we actually had a choice that day, between October 13th or 14th.  It was an interesting feeling selecting the possible birth of the triplets.  We ended up selecting October 13th (which is at 34 weeks).  That is, unless the boys decide to come sooner, which is very much possible. Keep in mind though, if all is going well and I'm hanging in there, and the doctor said I can hold out up to 36 weeks, which would push the date to October 28th.   

A few weeks ago, we purchased a 2012 Honda Pilot, so everyone can stop asking when we are getting a minivan!  The car seats are ready to go in our new family car!!! With my parent's help, we are getting the final organization and decorating done. My hospital bag is packed along with things for the boys, and stuff for Tom of course. 

We had a little false alarm/L&D fire drill over the weekend. The boys and I were thoroughly checked out and I have some more time to cook. But now we know exactly where to go and what to do when the time is here!

And finally... Our saviors, Grandma and Grandpa Stantz have officially moved to Baltimore. We are so excited and grateful that they are able to be so close to help out!


  1. Ahhh, getting so close! Praying for your safety, comfort, and sanity these last few weeks!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of those beautiful babies when they arrive :)

  2. So excited for you and your family. Your looking beautiful. Prayers for happy healthy delivery.

  3. I love the updates! So glad your Mom and Dad can there for the next chapter! Smiles, alice