Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hewitt Scores a Hat Trick

Hat Trick (n): A term used to describe one person scoring three goals in one game.  

We had to take an appointment with the head of the department and planned to start seeing my regular doctor after this. Our ultrasound was immediately after my appointment. The tech doing the ultrasound was very quiet and I knew the image didn't look like I expected it to. After a little more silence Tom joked and asked if there were more than one baby in there.  The tech replied, "Yes..."  Then Tom asked if there were more than two babies in there.  The tech laughed and said, "Actually there are three." Stunned, excited and petrified are the best emotions I can use to explain how we felt. We were both kind of dazed after the appointment and were planning how we were going to tell our family. Of course, we had to Facetime with everyone so we could see there reaction. Everyone went through the same process... Your messing with us... Wait your serious... OMG that is so exciting... OMG you are going to need a ton of help!! Here is the first ultrasound from April 16th (8 weeks)...

And my second ultrasound from April 28th (10 weeks). Baby C was off to the side so they had to take two images to get them all...

We look forward to sharing our journey with our family and friends!! I will leave you with my pre-belly and 12 week pic, ultrasound and announcement pic.

Time to start buying just about three of EVERYTHING!

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