Friday, June 12, 2015

Let the Shopping Begin

We have been in overdrive planning and figuring out organization for our small row home. The plan for our home was to live here for about 5 years and have one, maybe 2 kids. After that we planned to keep it as a rental property and move into a larger home. So... for now we are getting creative with our space, which we have no doubt it will all work out! 

The first baby item we purchased is from a triplet family near DC. The stroller or "limo", as we refer to it, is actually are no long in production. The company has since discontinued the only stroller for triplets that holds baby carriers! Since finding out we were having triplets I have found that there are a lot more triplet families out there than I thought there would be. So I'm not sure why there aren't more products out there that cater to triplets and higher order multiples. A lot of sites that claim to cater to twins or multiples actually only really cater to twins. Oh well... we will figure it out courtesy of the triplet moms out there who have blogged about their experiences and made it work. I also have a friend who had triplets about 18 months ago who has been a wealth of knowledge and I'm so thankful to have her to call on!!!

Here is the limo we purchased...

Now I just have research and to figure out what other items we need to get us started for when the babies arrive. It is incredibly overwhelming but I have gotten a ton of great "must need" lists from singleton and multiple mommies.

xo K

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