Monday, October 5, 2015

Handling the Handful

Well here we are, the single digit countdown until our long awaited arrival.

One comment we hear most often is, "You're going to have your hands full." Well, no shit! Actually, so much shit that we need to devise a shit removal plan more frequent that your local government service. But what some see as a handful, we will see as normal. 

Kristen and I are good at adapting and taking things in stride, so our plan to "handle" the trio is a mix of strategic planning and flying by the seat of our pants. You ask any professional organizer and I bet they'd stress the importance of coding and organizational systems. Well, with the possibility of three different scenarios to any given situation (i.e. Feeding schedules/amounts, medicines, possible allergies), we need to code our kids. Whether you think that sounds terrible, hilarious, or somewhere in between, Kristen and I feel it'll be the only way we keep the babies from growing up with parents who don't really know who's really who. That'll go over well in their teenage years when Uncle Sean is messing with them and divulged that their mom and dad had an unfortunate three card monty tubby time incident a month after their birth.

Names are our little secret until October 13th, but the babies already have assigned colors and numbers. The associated number is pretty obvious, but our color coding is a key part to our system. 

Baby A: 
Secondary=White, Red

Baby B:

Baby C:

We'll share our rationale at a later date, and believe me, we have though of everything we conceivably could associated with those colors (and combinations), but these colors will help us tremendously. You try identifying three separate identical boys at 3am after no sleep.

We've thrown around the idea of tattoos, but don't want the triplets taken from us by child protective services shortly after their first tat. Ideas like nail polish have been tossed around, but their nails are tiny and socks and such (again, completing feedings/changings at 3am). I also floated the idea to custom order those silicon Livestrong-type bracelets, but didn't want to support the Chinese economy and quite honestly, I would have had to make annual orders with their wrist sizes unknown (and constantly growing). That being the case, I found some natural dyed hemp twine at Michael's that we will use for single strand bracelets and/or anklets. And having these on the triplets all the time will not only help us, but any helpers assisting us. 

And yes, I was at THAT Michael's...on a football Saturday...weighing the benefits of different string to identify our identical baby boys. While standing there, I overheard a six year old girl and her mother discussing the rubber band color for their own bracelet project. It was a different Saturday errand, but as I've stated, this is the new norm, and I can't be more excited...;-)


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