Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Go Time (Part Two)


If this is your first viewing of our blog, welcome. You've joined in just in time.  This is when the story starts to get really good and action packed.  Conversely, if you've been following Kristen and I during our journey, you know that the triplets came a week earlier than planned (scheduled October 13th C-section).  We were graced with the presence of Thomas III, Finnegan, and Oliver on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 starting at 5:15 AM.  But to remind everyone, Kristen was HUGE.  I love you babe but you know it's true!  Honestly though, it was just in her belly and fluid in her legs.  I always told her she needed a large swimming pool and proper support for these little guys.  

Here's a picture of Kristen before she was admitted into hospital bed rest on September 17th.  This rock star's body lasted for 19 more days before saying enough was enough.  

Now back to the recap, I just got the call from Kristen the early morning of the triplets' arrival...

Part Two:
Never have I been so alert and in the moment as I was the few seconds after I got off the phone.  Our dog Jersey was sleeping at the foot of the bed at the time I got the call and just looked at me as I hopped out of bed and threw on clothes.  She has known something was up with Kristen, but had no idea the surprise that would be gracing her in the near future.  I did get a split second to do my hair. I mean, I was planning on meeting my children later that day. You don't get second chances on first impressions. Yes, I know babies only differentiate light and dark at that point, but I need to set a good example for the kids regardless.

Out of bed, in the car, and at Kristen's bedside in 16 minutes. It takes 12 minutes alone to drive there. I was expeditious to say the least, and was traveling at speeds meant for interstate thoroughfares, but shush, I'm a good driver. I even had the best excuse if an officer of the law happen to pull me over, but I knowingly made it safely.

After a literal sprint from the parking garage to the hospital (I mean, who walks to their wife in L&D), I checked past the front desk, grabbed my pink VIP pass, and made it to Kristen's room.  It was really go time... 


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