Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Go Time (Part One)

Well, this was a day we will never forget... Almost up the entire 24 hours that day, but again, that's the norm. 

By this time, Kristen was in the "extended stay" of L&D. It was half hotel, half prison stay. I seriously had verses of "Hotel California" in my head so many times that I lost track. But we adapted to Kristen's modified living arrangements and made due. Another moment I will never forget, "tailgating" for Buckeyes games with pizza right next to the hazmat needle drop. I laughed at that too, but making the best out of certain unfavorable situations is what we do best.

What's your pain level? And ketchup or mustard?

It was one of the nights when I stayed at home and worked on the house and miscellaneous baby paraphernalia. For those who don't know me, I am a bit of a night owl. I always have been, but I blame Gretzky. That's a story for another posting.

Anyway, midnight tolls and Tuesday, October 6th begins. I know I have to use this time to get sleep before the triplets arrive, but I just can't. I lay there and learn. As much shit as old folks give millenials about cell phone usage, you can't argue that it can be addictive in a positive way. Say, when you're going to be responsible for three identical miniature humans for the rest of all your waking lives? Yeah, let's just say we've done our due diligence (and have heard it all).  So I was in bed, sent Kristen a random newborn info web link just before 2am, and fell asleep shortly thereafter. 

My phone vibrates just after 2am. In a stupor, I don't answer my phone, not realizing that Kristen has already called me three times. I think it's my alarm but after picking up the phone, quickly realize that it's Kristen who is calling. I've taken a few "stimulants" in my day, but I've never flipped the switch like I did when I saw her name on my called ID. I knew what I was going to hear. A call from anyone else and I may have been concerned, but not from Kristen.  In that split second, I just knew. I answered and...Kristen's water broke. It was go time...


  1. Tom, you are a riot. I love reading your posts. I hope you will continue to be a regular contributor. I still laugh out loud when I recall your bath time 3 card monty game from a few weeks ago! You don't know me but Kristen is one of my favorite people and you're quickly moving up! :)

  2. Thanks for writing this blog. You two are amazing, but I'm guessing you now may be too busy to find time to write more posts. I hope you can share a bit more now that the babies are born. So glad all went well.