Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's Go Time (Part Three)

Part Three:

So there we were, THE day that would change the life of Kristen and I forever.  There were four or five medical staff in Kristen's room once I arrived.  Earlier that night in the wee hours of October 6th, Kristen's water broke, although she wasn't sure about it.  Her fluid was tested to see if it was indeed amniotic and we waited for a few hours while the GBMC staff were monitoring Kristen and the babies.  Once the amniotic fluid was confirmed, the course of action changed to an emergency Cesarean and everyone needed to start preparing for the major operation. 

Their top concern was any possible trauma to the babies, and the staff were meticulously checking for their vitals; specifically their heart rates (HR).  The funny thing was, the boys did not like this in utero.  As a result, the boys would actually try and move (by kicking or punching) the HR sensors.  Well this battle continued until the nurses had to use multiple bands to secure the HR sensors The picture below shows how many they were using on Kristen.  A few of the nurses had never dealt with a triplets birth before and commented that the number of belts used was quite an accomplishment, so I had to snap this picture.  It also shows that Kristen was as cool as a cucumber through this whole ordeal, and relief for her was in sight, but not before some major shit was about to go down.  

Around 4:30 AM, one of the doctors came in and gave us the plan.  I received my scrubs and Kristen was beginning her preliminary preparations for the surgery.  The medical entourage, Kristen, and I walked (rolled) to the OR and we were given the low down.  Once we reached the OR, Kristen had to go through further pre-surgery preparations and I was instructed to wait in the common area just outside the OR.  It was like a dad bullpen, but I was the only one there.  Various other doctors, nurses, etc. passed by, everyone congratulating me and asking how I felt.  Look below, my face says it all...I have no idea what I'm going to walk into but I know I am going to see some miracles.

The operating rooms were nothing I was ready for but everything I expected.  It may take a village to raise a child, but it literally takes a 12+ person team to deliver triplets.  And when I say operating ROOMS, I mean there were so many doctors and nurses that a receiving station had to be located in the adjacent OR.  Even though we were told the c-section would only last 30-45 minutes, I knew I had to be in the moment and take everything in because it was over before I knew it.  I also had a few of my first heart-dropping moments...

I was right next to Kristen's head/upper body when they started taking the babies out.  I never looked directly over the screen, but first saw Tommy come out crying.  One down.  The sacks of the next two boys were still in tact, so I got the honor (sarcasm) of seeing their literal yellow-clear balloons burst.  It is a slow motion memory that I will never forget!  When Finnegan came out, he didn't cry and looked a bit blue/purple.  My heart dropped.  They took him to the station behind us and I did not know if he was okay, but there was still one more to go.  Then came Oliver and I honestly do not remember hearing him cry, but I remember them taking him to the adjacent OR.  Overwhelmed and incomplete awe (and a bit of of shock). 

I looked at Kristen and said, "You did it. You're a rock star!"  I looked around at the boys and then back to Kristen and she was out.  Shock #2.  After the anesthesiologist said Kristen was unconscious but stable, I got up and made my way around the ORs.
I got my first real looks at each of the boys, starting with Trip.

Then on to Finnegan, I think...

The only first pictures I have of Oliver are X-rated, so he has no solo shot on here.  Once the triplets' respective teams were done doing their thing, the boys were bundled up and placed on one bassinet.  People have commented why the staff couldn't put them in their own bassinets, but I agree with what the doctors did.  It was a nice upgrade from mommy's womb.  

At this point, I was escorted out of the OR and the nurses suggested that I get Kristen's mom (only one other visit was allowed in the post-op recovery room).  Kristen would be in the room in a bit after the doctors put her back together.  Kristen was resting and in and out of consciousness, and I wanted to see more of my boys.  A short time later, I ventured up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where the boys would call home for an undetermined amount of time.    

Trip resting in the NICU.  He came out at 4lbs-3oz.

Finnegan indicating that he wanted to be #1. 
It's okay Finn, I'm a middle child too and didn't turn out too bad...
Finn came out at 3lbs-6oz.

Oliver opening an eye for the camera. Ollie weighted in at 3lbs-12oz.

Thankfully Kristen's parents were close by and got to the hospital shortly after I did, but my parents had to travel from New Jersey.  Fortunately, 4am traffic is not too bad, even on I-95 and they got there within four hours of the call.  

Here are the grandparents in Kristen's L&D room waiting for the word to see the boys.

Kristen was transferred to the postpartum department and got situated in her new room.  I felt for the girl...all she wanted to do was see her babies but she was still out of it from the surgery.  The nurses had to clear her before she was able to venture up to the NICU, which took a few hours.  All the grandparents saw the boys before Kristen did, but once Kristen was cleared to use the wheelchair, I pushed her up to the NICU for the amazing first face-to-face meeting.

Kristen and I holding our boys in the NICU hours after their birth.

The best hat trick I have ever and will ever score!!!

And I will end this post with one of my favorite pictures, Kristen's first skin-to-skin session, this one with Finnegan.  The look on his face is priceless, and the look on her face says it all, proud new mother.  


  1. Congratulations to you all - especially Kristen! While I understand that it may be a while before you can post again, we're all looking forward to more stories.

  2. I love reading your story, Kristen! You are amazing! What CUTE little baby boys :)