Monday, October 5, 2015

I Can't Wait!!!

Bed rest... Uhg! I am so incredibly uncomfortable 99.9% of the time!! The time has surprisingly gone pretty quickly considering we are already a week out from my 34 week scheduled csection. My husband and parents have been working like crazy at putting the final touches on our house to prepare for the boys... In addition to running back and forth to the hospital to keep me company, bring me non hospital food, include and update me on home projects and keep me entertained. They have been fantastic!!!

The hospital staff has been helpful to make me comfortable. They have monitored me very closely, so closely that I basically have no privacy and even if I could sleep through the night it would be impossible with the need to check vitals and take my blood throughout the night. I am extremely happy though for these inconveniences because I am in great hands and if anything were to change with my health or the babies they would be on top of it!

I can't wait to...
Meet our boys!
Be able to finally do something for myself like shower on my own, shave my own legs, stand long enough to shower and do my hair/makeup!
Take a nice warm shower without the water temp changing from scolding to freezing nonstop.
Move in bed without the aid of help/side rails, hold my belly and waiting until the the cramping subsides to relax again.
Walk without a waddle and for longer than 10 feet.
Be able to touch my toes and to pick things up off the ground without having to do a full straddle and potentially tipping over.
Cuddle with my hubby and pup!
Have some privacy and not have nurses waking me up and coming into my room for vitals, blood work, etc.

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